The Calgary Speed Skating Association (CSSA) is made up of more than skaters! CSSA includes skaters, coaches, a technical director, office manager, Board of Directors, staff and VOLUNTEERS!

The CSSA is committed to fostering an environment that values people who voluntarily offer their services in the activities of the Association (adopted from Speed Skating Canada Volunteer Policy) and relies heavily on our volunteers. Over the past 3 years, we have required over 4,500 volunteer hours each year, to successfully manage the programs and competitions that we run.

Current Volunteer Opportunities
Event Date Sign up Link
Skate Rentals Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 volunteersignup.org/QJDRR

How to Volunteer

A variety of volunteer opportunities will be offered throughout the season. These opportunities will be communicated to our members via email notification and/or updates to our volunteer website pages.

It is quick and easy and we advise you to sign up early to have the most choices available for tasks and shifts being offered. A confirmation email is provided and due to the nature of the program, there may be possible changes or added information, so additional emails may follow.

If you are looking for hours, do not leave it to the last month! Contact our Vice Chair of Volunteers for assistance.

Skating members are required to commit at least 5 hours of their volunteer requirement to one of CSSA’s two sanctioned meets – ABLT and RUFast.

  • Allows our club to provide great events
  • Learn more about the sport of speed skating
  • Meet other parents and officials
  • It’s fun to be a part of an event
  • It’s rewarding to make a contribution
  • Often provides a ring side viewing location
  • Makes time pass quickly at a meet
  • Helps keep speed skating costs reasonable