Urgent: Casino volunteers needed


Hi All,

Our casino is coming up on May 21 and 22. That’s only a few weeks out!

As I mentioned in my prior e-mail,  the Calgary Speed Skating Association runs a casino every 18 months to 2 years, and the funds we receive from AGLC form a major part of our operating budget each year. Funds received from this enable the club to operate, and help us keep down the cost of programs to our member families. If you break down the amount of money we typically receive, it works out to around $2000 per shift worked by volunteers.

I’ll review the how casino fundraising works again, for those not familiar:

  • We put our names in the hat to operate some key casino positions in one of the licensed casinos around Calgary.
  • AGLC draws two consecutive days that we are responsible for providing volunteer workers to the casino.
  • I come asking for volunteers (this e-mail). 😀
  • Our generous member families step up and help out, and generally have a good time doing it. No previous experience is necessary; we contract 2 professional licensed casino advisors that are at the casino with our volunteers the entire time. They help get everybody organized and teach everybody what needs to be done. They help with any questions or problems that crop up.
  • The AGLC sends us a portion of the province-wide take on casino revenue for the period we operated our casino.  These funds are used for approved aspects of running the club and are amortized over the time between this casino and the next one. (approx. 2 years)
  • You must be 18 years old to work the casino.

You are provided with a free meal and breaks during the casino shifts. The available shifts are in the volunteer sign-up sheet below:


If you pick one of the following volunteer positions, you must fill out the attached “Casino Volunteer Worker Application” sign it, and get it back to me by fax or scan:

  • General Manager
  • Alt General Manager
  • Banker
  • Count Room Supervisor
  • Cashier
  • Alternate (to cover if someone can’t make it) (please check “Alt GM” on your Worker Application, as it covers all roles).

You can apply these volunteer hours against your required number each year, and you can apply them to the season just past, or get a jump on your commitment for next season. Your choice.

These really are fun, low stress events to work. I’d ask everyone to have a look and see if you can commit to a shift on the requested dates.

All the best,

Blair Toblan

CSSA Casino Chair

Casino Volunteer Worker Application _5400_ (prefilled)

Fax (for casino worker applications): (403)290-2278