Speed, agility, strength, endurance and determination. These are the hallmarks of Speed Skating.

Whether it’s the speed, endurance and determination of a long track race. Or the speed, agility, strength, technique and strategy in a short track race. CSSA has programs at all levels – from the very young (ages 6+) to the young at heart (seniors/masters). Starting with just learning how to skate, or are an elite-level competitive athlete vying for a position on the provincial or national level, CSSA has you covered.

All of this, in a fun and safe environment, encouraging team work and the individual pursuit of being your best.

Interested in being side-by-side with Olympic Athletes?

Then come out and join us!

The Calgary Speed Skating Association (CSSA) was established in 1975 and provides programs for recreational and competitive skating. The programs are structured with the framework established by Canada’s Long Term Participant and Athlete Development (LTPAD) model, promoting good sportsmanship and a harmonious team environment. The club has an annual membership of over 200 skaters ranging from the very young in Active Start (age 3) to Active 4 Life (seniors).

All skaters are coached by a team of paid coaches, many of whom have been certified by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and are current or former high performance skaters themselves. The skaters at the Olympic Oval get to take advantage of The Fastest Ice in the WorldTM , often training alongside Olympic champions and national team members from countries around the world.

Skaters regularly compete at local and inter-club meets as well as at the highest levels in provincial, national and international competitions. Many former members of the club have moved on to Elite National Team Programs.

CSSA is organized under the Alberta Societies Act and is governed by a committed Board of Directors and paid professional management.

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