RU Fast Short Track Meet – Announcement


RU Fast Short Track Meet 2019

February 16th & 17th 2019

Location: Olympic Oval
University of Calgary
288 Collegiate Blvd NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 4V8 (Google Map)
Sanctions: AASSA Sanction and SSC Sanction
Entry Fees: All Groups: $75.00 CSSA skaters use the following promotional code for a $10.00 discount per skater:

  • Skater 1: 2019RUFAST
  • Skater 2: 2019RUFAST_2
  • Skater 3: 2019RUFAST_3
Entry Deadline: Tuesday February 5th, 2019 @ 9:00PM – Absolutely no late entries will be accepted.

  • Group 1: T2T
  • Group 2: L2T, FUND, Active Start
  • Group 3: Open (Jr/Sr), Masters and Special Olympic on 111m Track

Note: Younger or newer T2T skaters unable to skate the T2T distances can register in Group 2(L2T).

L2T skaters that want to skate in Group 1 must meet at least one of the following time standards and have coaches approval:

  • 400m: 0:48.00
  • 1500m: 3:20.00
  • 3000m: 6:50.000

2000m / 3000m Points Race (Group 1)

  • T2T 11 & 12 females and T2T 12 & 13 males will skate the 2000m points race.
  • T2T 13 & 14 females and T2T 14 & 15 males will skate the 3000m points race.
  • Coaches should ensure that all Group 1 skaters are familiar with the points race format.
  • Lapped skaters will NOT BE DISQUALIFIED. They may complete the race.
Schedule: Friday, February 15 Coaches and Officials Meetings – 7:00 PM in the Olympic Oval Lounge
Saturday, February 16 Warm-ups begin @ 7:00 AM (Warm-ups will be staggered between North and South ice surfaces.
End of Racing @ 5:00 PM (approximate)
Sunday, February 17 Warm-ups begin @ 7:00 AM (Warm-ups will be staggered between North and South ice surfaces.
End of Racing @ 5:00 PM (approximate)
Schedule subject to change based on the number of registrants and the flow of the meet. Participating clubs will be notified of any changes as soon as possible.
Format: Group 1
Training 2 Train
RUFast is NOT a selection event for team Alberta for Canada West. However, RU Fast will be run in the same format as CanWest. The following format comes from Alberta’s Competition Bulletin 2018-2019 No 2018.01.

  • T2T will be separated by gender and grouped together on ability as per other Alberta ST events (no separation of single year age categories) and seeded into different divisions per distance and based on seed times.
  • The 3000m points race will be seeded into finals of 8 based on seed times, all skaters will be allowed to finish their 3000m race. T2T 13 & 14 females and T2T 14 & 15 males.
  • The 2000m points race into finals of 8 based on seed times, all skaters will be allowed to finish their 2000m race. T2T 11 & 12 females and T2T 12 & 13 males
  • The 200m will be run as a pursuit for heats and mass start for the finals.
  • The 400m will be seeded into divisions of 12 based on seed times and will run heats, semi-finals and finals.
  • The 1500m will be run as a version of a super final, seeded based on accumulated points from the 400m, 2000m or and 3000m races at the same event

**** Subject to change once final registration #’s are received

Group 2
Learning 2 Train
Active Start
All divisions will be mixed gender and divided based on ability.  There will be a balance of developmentally appropriate short distances, long distances and skill events for this group

  • All skaters will race a minimum of 5 distances
  • All skaters will be ranked and seeded on 400m and/or 200m times
Group 3
Open (Juniors and Seniors)
Special Olympics
  • Open Jr/Sr: 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m
  • Masters: 500m, 777m, 1000m, 1500m
  • Special Olympics: 333m, 500m, 777m

All Skaters will be ranked and seeded on 500m times

Safety Equipment: SSC Rules D3-100 (Short Track Start) will be strictly enforced.
Communication with Officials: Parents and Skaters are not permitted to question the Official call or rulings as it will result in a penalty for the skater. Please forward your concerns to your COACH and they will bring it up through the proper channels.
On-Site Food: Food and drink will be provided for officials, volunteers, and coaches. The Food Court at the University will be available for everyone else.
Officials and Volunteers: Officials and volunteers are always welcome and encouraged to participate. Note that each CSSA family MUST participate in each of the 2 meets (ABLT & RUFast).
Sign up is on the CSSA Website , click on the VOLUNTEER tab
Oval Skate Shop: Due to the high volume of competitors, the Oval Skate Shop cannot guarantee skates dropped off on Friday, February 15th or Saturday, February 16th for sharpening will be ready for the next day.
Registration: Registration URL:
Results: Results will be posted on line at
Spectators and Parents: Please ensure that your skater is at the marshalling area on time.
Only skaters whose divisions are being marshalled can be in the marshalling area. Everyone else should vacate the area to ensure the Clerk of the Course and their assistants can do their jobs.
Professional Photographer: A professional photographer has not been confirmed for the event, however, we are currently working on it. Further details will be provided as they emerge.
Inquiries? Registration inquiries: [email protected]
Other inquiries: [email protected]
Accommodations: Travelodge Calgary University
Address: 2227 Banff Trail NW, Calgary
Phone: 403-289-6600 or 1-888-276-8666
Best Western Village Park Inn
Address: 1804 Crowchild Tr. NW, Calgary
Phone: 403-289-0241 or 1-888-774-7716
Hotel Alma
Address: 169 University Gate NW, Calgary
Phone: 403-220-3203 or 1-877-498-3203