Skate Rental, Parking Pass Pick-Up, Equipment Buy & Sell, etc.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019, 6:00pm-8:00pm

1) Top Floor Oval Entrance (“Concession Area”)

a) Pick-Up Parking Pass 

Pick up your parking pass (if you purchased one).  Parking passes must be paid on RAMP prior to pick-up – Select 2019/2020 Fall Winter Program under “Choose a Season”and Miscellaneous under “Choose a Division”. Parking passes are worth the investment if your skater is on the ice two times a week or more.

b) Equipment Buy & Sell

Once again CSSA will set up a “Buy and Sell” area at the walk-in event.  If you are in need of some equipment or are looking to sell, please feel free to bring your equipment with you at the walk-in event.  CSSA is not responsible for sales made between members.  It is advisable that you try on before you buy.

c) Clothing Samples (Speedsuits, tracksuits & other)

Samples will be available for new speedsuits (new design with the new logo) as well as ordering other clothing and accessories. 

2) Oval Entrance

a) Ice Passes

New members & those who have lost their passes from last season: Take a photo for a new ice pass.

Returning members: Re-activate your ice passes.  Please bring in your card from last year. 

3) Ice Level (“North Storage Area”)

a) Skate Rental at North Storage Area & Drop-off Volunteer Cheques

Skate rental pick up will be available.

·Skate rental is included in the program fees of Learn to Speed Skate, Intro to Speed Skate, and all Youth programs.

·Skate rental for teen and adult programs must be paid through RAMP PRIOR to being picked-up – Select 2019/2020 Fall Winter Program under “Choose a Season”and Rentals under “Choose a Division”. If your RAMP skate rental fees are unpaid, you will not be able to pick-up your skates.

·Bring your $250 deposit cheque dated April 1, 2020.

  • Volunteer cheques required to pick-up skate rental (see below for amounts)

If you are unable to make this time to pick up skates, please contact us at [email protected] to set up an alternate pick up.

b) Equipment at the Oval Skate Shop – New to Speed Skating?

Having the proper equipment is an integral part of the sport of speed skating.  Purchasing equipment can be an arduous task if you are new to the sport.  Please refer to our equipment website page.  Please feel free to ask our volunteers, staff and coaches for advice.

Equipment can be purchased through the Oval Skate Shop at the University of Calgary Olympic Oval, please contact the Skate Shop at [email protected] or at (403) 220-7917.  Another great resource is www.ilovespeedskating.com.  Also, many of our members sell their gently used equipment at the Equipment Buy & Sell on August 27 or through our Classified link on the CSSA website.

Volunteer Policy

Like all sports organizations, CSSA relies heavily on volunteers to successfully meet the needs of the sport. Members of CSSA are required to volunteer each season. Each skating member is required to provide 20 hours of volunteer service during the season. For a family with more than one skater, each additional skater adds 10 volunteer hours to a maximum of 40 volunteer hours.

Skating members are required to commit at least 5 hours of their volunteer requirements to CSSA’s two sanctioned meets – ABLT and RUFAst.

Most volunteer hours can be completed by an associate member (parent/guardian for skating members under 18) or the skating member. Casino volunteer hours can be completed by any adult representative of a skating member (Our next casino will be December 26-27, 2019).


·CSSA members who skate with other programs, such as the Oval Pathway, and do not use any CSSA ice times are encouraged to volunteer.

·Learn to Speed Skate Program skaters (or their parents) are required to complete 10 hours of volunteering.

·Uncoached adult skaters are required to complete 10 hours of volunteering.

Volunteer Deposit Cheques

Members are required to provide a $500 volunteer cheque for 1 skater, or a $700 volunteer cheque for 2 or more skaters in a CSSA program. L2SS skating members and uncoached adult skating members are required to provide a $350 volunteer cheque. Cheques should be dated April 1, 2020.

Members have the option of splitting their volunteer cheques:

·$500 = cheque #1 = $375 plus cheque #2 = $125 OR

·$700 = cheque #1 = $525 plus cheque #2 = $175

Please refer to our website page for the entire policy. http://www.calgaryspeedskating.ca/volunteering/

Parent and Skater Guide

CSSA has developed a Parent and Skater Guide. This Guide is an introductory resource to be used by parents and/or skaters. This guide reviews the following:

·Expectations of the coach, skater and parent

·Rules of the Olympic Oval

·CSSA Volunteer policy

·Equipment and Equipment Maintenance

·Competitions and Meets

This guide is meant to supplement other information provided by the Club through various other mediums like emails, notices, and website updates. Access your guide: http://www.calgaryspeedskating.ca/volunteering/parent-and-skaters-guide/

Programs start on Tuesday Sept. 3

CSSA’s Technical Director will design a training plan, create training groups and assign coaches to groups. If you have any questions regarding your training program, please contact your coach or the Technical Director at [email protected]!

Note that Seton and Tsuut’ina programs will start on Monday September 9.

Parent meetings & info sessions

On Saturday September 8 from noon until 2:00 PM, there will be a welcome lunch & parent meeting to educate parents further about the sport of speed skating. The technical director and board members will present information about the upcoming season.  Coaches will also hold sessions with parents within their first few weeks to further explain the athlete training programs.  Further information will be communicated at a later date.

If you are unable to attend on August 27

You can pick-up your parking pass, activate your ice pass, pick-up your rental skates on the 1st day of your program. 

·Come early…


·Stop by the CSSA office to pick-up your parking pass (if you purchased one) and drop off your volunteer & skate rental cheques

·Stop by the Oval entrance and re-activate your ice pass (returning members) or take a photo for a new ice pass (new members or lost ice passes)

·For skate rentals, please contact us at [email protected] (skates are on ice level at North Storage area) to make arrangements for pick-up