Last chance to volunteer at ABLT!


Thanks to all of you who have signed-up to volunteer this weekend at the ABLT!  I will email the volunteer start/end times and other details by 7:30PM on Wednesday.

Most of the spots are filled, but we did have a few cancellations. Please click on this link to see the volunteer opportunities available:

  • Saturday: We need full-day off-ice assistant clerk of the course (worth 10 points) – a good way to get a good chunk of your mandatory volunteer hours completed) AND we also need a floater/gopher to help out in hospitality in the afternoon (worth 4 points).
  • Sunday, we still need an announcer for the day (10 points).

We also need more food. The meals and snacks are offered to the meet volunteers and coaches during their shifts. Bringing one or two food items to the hospitality room is a good way for new families in the club to fulfill volunteer points (hours) and meet some of the other parents. Please click on this link to sign-up for food items:

Volunteer sign-up will be open until 7PM on Wednesday. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Thanks again for your help ensuring the 2019 ABLT will be a success. I will see you on the weekend.

Best Regards,

Linda Sanche, 2018-2019 VC Volunteers