December Update!


  • CSSA new office hours: Monday to Friday 4 – 8 PM.  The office is located just outside the Oval entrance.


  • Holiday skating sessions: With the Oval closed several days due to Christmas and New Year’s holidays, coaches will be confirming ice times with each group throughout that period.



  • Alberta Speed Skating Performance Badge Program: Performance badges have been received and will be distributed to all athletes in the next week.  Starting in January, these will be distributed on a monthly basis.  White badge: participating in 1stcompetition.  Green, Red, Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold badges are all time-based for both short-track (200m, 400m, 1500m 3000m) and long-track (300m, 500m, 1500m, 3000m).  See the Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association website for the details of the time standards:


  • The Cutting Edge Pin Program from Speed Skating Canada:focuses on skills development for young skaters and has 11 levels.  CSSA will be starting this program in January.


  • COOP fundraiser: We still have COOP gift cards for sale.  CSSA earns 9.5% from every dollar spent and there is no expiry date.  If you shop at COOP grocery stores or buy gas from the COOP gas bars, come by the CSSA office to purchase yours today.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque or e-transfer.


  • Upcoming seminars skaters and parents: We are working finalizing details on a nutrition seminar in early 2019 with Kelly-Anne Erdman, a dietician to numerous Olympic teams.  A successful seminar on high-performance habits and mindsets with Jessica Zelinka, winner of many international medals in Athletics, was held November 28.


  • Adidas Compression & Resistance Gear:  The Kinesiology department has generously donated sample Adidas bike suits/ shirts/shorts. These pieces will be free and available for pickup at the CSSA office, while supplies last! (LIMIT: One bike suit + One shirt + One pair of shorts – per skater).


  • Vintage CSSA gear for sale: Stop by the CSSA office to get your, only hats ($5) and jackets ($20) are remaining.


  • All Sport One City: During the week of January 21, the CSSA will be participating in this city-wide event sponsored by Sport Calgary.  It is the perfect way for adults (U of C students and CSSA parents?) to try a new sport such as speed skating. More details on the exact time & date and how to register will be coming in the new year.

As this is a CSSA hosted event, we need lots of volunteers. Sign up now to volunteer:

Sign up now to bring food items (We provide snacks and lunch to the volunteers and coaches):

  • Interclub mini-meet: We are looking at organizing a short-track inter-club mini-meet in the new year.  Stay tuned for more details.