CSSA 2018 AGM Roundup


Dear CSSA Members,

Last evening the CSSA had a very productive Annual General Meeting and the Board would like to thank all of the Members who took time out of their very busy schedules to attend this important meeting.  As always, the AGM is your opportunity to hear from all of the past season’s Directors, to vote for a new Board that will lead the CSSA  for the next year and beyond and for the Members to provide valuable feedback to the new Board as they plan for the coming season.

Attached to this e-mail is a PDF of the Directors Reports that were presented at the AGM and we would ask that all our Members take the time to review the reports.

Following the nominations and elections, the CSSA has a new Board that is comprised of a very good mix of returning Directors, who provide continuity and stability, as well as a set of new voices who bring enthusiasm, new ideas and a fresh perspective.  The following Members of the CSSA will serve as Directors until the next AGM:

Executive Committee
President/Chair: Josie Daub (New)
Vice President: Blair Toblan
Treasurer: Nathan Angelozzi
Registrar: Tanveer Virani
Vice Chairs
VC Officials: Justin De Vlieg (New)
VC Competitions: Lee Deibert
VC Development: Elizabeth Carlisle (New)
VC Skaters: Heather Liska
VC Volunteers: Linda Sanche (New)
VC Equipment: Troy Macosky
Member at Large Kim Patterson

As your new Board will immediately start its work as they plan for the coming season, we ask that the next time you see any of these fantastic volunteers please make sure you not only congratulate them but also thank them for taking on this important responsibility on your behalf.

Finally, on behalf of Cameron Schepp, Ailsa Le May, Kanchana Varnasooriya and myself, we wish to let all of our Members know that it was a privilege and an honour to serve the CSSA this past season.

We will see everyone at the Gala on April 28, 2018.

Best regards,
Tibor Osvath
On behalf of the Board of Directors