Alberta Open Indoor Long Track (ABLT) Meet – Reminder 3


Happy New Year Everyone,

Yesterday, I did not send out a complete list of registered CSSA skaters for 2019 Alberta Open Indoor Long Track (ABLT) meet. If you have already registered, please review the list to ensure your name is there. If I am missing anyone, please let me know as soon as possible.

If you have not yet registered for ABLT but would like to attend, just a reminder that the deadline is Wednesday January 2nd, 2019 @ 9:00PM – Absolutely no late entries will be accepted.You may register at:

We are still looking for some assistant refs. We just have the minimum and another 1 or 2 each day would be a great learning experience. We can also do half days as well (please contact the Linda (VC Volunteers) <[email protected]> to register for 1/2 day.

We are also looking for some chief times! If you have your Level 2 in timing, please consider volunteering.


Current CSSA Skaters for 2019 Alberta Open Indoor Long Track (ABLT) Meet (as of 9:00 AM January 1st):

Abigail M Addison B Ahmed S Alexandra V
Amelia P Amelia S Andre E Andrew W
Annika J Arman V Ava A Ayden O
Bill B Brock G Caleb C Cameron H
Cecile F Charlotte P Deleep V Derek D
Elise P Elliot K Eloise S Erik A
Florianna P Grace G Grier K Heidi M
Holly M Ian I Isabelle C Jacob S
Jasmine B Jasmine L John W Julian J
Julianne L Justin A Keara J Kendra H
Kyle N Lauren H Lauren S Laurits S
Logan T Madden T Margaret B Maxine V
Michael D Osa C Owen P Paul D
Reese A Ronald J Sadie N Sam S
Sandeep V Sarah F Sophia C Sophia M
Sophie N Susanna M Tatiana D Thomas K
Troy D Werner M