1st Nutrition Workshop: Tuesday, Sept. 10


1stNutrition Workshop: Tuesday, Sept. 10: Snacks: Choices at school, after school & evening ideas.

Presented by Kelly Anne Erdman, sports dietitian:  Kelly Anne has been a nutrition consultant to high-performance athletes for many years, including numerous national teams: Hockey Canada, Speed Skating Canada, Luge Canada, and the Oval speed skating program. She consults with athletes individually at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre.

Kelly Anne will be focusing on snacks:

–      Snack choices at school and after school to energize your training

–    and Snack choices in the evening to help with building muscle / getting stronger

Location: Room 54 (next to skate shop at ice level). Schedule:

Tuesday, September 10

7:00 – 7: 45 PM: Youth 3, Teen 2 skaters, coaches & parents

8:15 – 9:00 PM: Teen 1 & Teen 3/Junior skaters, coaches & parents

Note that adult skaters and coaches are welcome to attend either time slot.  I2SS, L2SS, Youth 1 & Youth 2 skaters, coaches, and parents are welcome to attend the 7:00 PM time slot.

Nutrition & sports psychology is part of the sports performance services the CSSA is now offering in order to provide a competitive advantage and lifelong skills to its membership.