VC of Skaters Opening


Dear CSSA Members,

The CSSA Board of Directors would like to inform you that the role of VC Skaters for the 2017-2018 Season is still open. Pursuant to section 4.12 of the by-laws, in the event of a vacancy on the Board during the course of the season, the Board can either fill that vacancy, or the position may remain vacant until the next annual general meeting. As the VC Skaters position is an important role, the Board’s preference is to have a new director in place as soon as possible.

If any CSSA member is interested in applying for the VC Skaters position we would request that you send an e-mail to Carole Yen at [email protected]

Please provide a brief description of your qualifications and why you would like to join the Board in this specific role.  Following a review of any applicants, the Board will appoint a VC Skaters to serve until the next annual general meeting in April 2018.

For additional information, the description for the position of VC Skaters can be found at:

For full set of Board Of Directions Descriptions, please see:

Board of Directors