Racing Rules 101

Below are the rules of skating at a meet. Should you have any questions, you can ask senior skaters, coaches, long-time member parents. We are all here to help!

In general, all skaters should skate a fair and honest race, to ensure safety of all participants.

The following are actions that can cause a skater to be penalized:

  • Missing Equipment:
    • helmet
    • helmet cover
    • glasses
    • glass strap
    • neck guard
    • gloves
    • ankle guard
    • all skin from the neck down must be covered
  • Removal of any Equipment when on the ice surface.
  • False start – Skater moves or touches the start line prior to the starter gun been fired. First false start in a race has no penaly. Second false start (regardless of who is guilty) in a race, the racer responsible is disqualified.
  • Off track – racers need to skate around all the blocks. If the skater goes inside, they must back track and go around the missed block on the outside.
  • Passing –is allowed at all times, but until the skaters are beside each other the responsibility for any obstruction or collision falls on the skater making the pass (provided the skater being passed does not act improperly).
  • Impeding, blocking, charging, or pushing another skater with any part of the body. Interfere with another skater by crossing his/her course thereby causing contact.
  • Assistance–Each Skater shall compete as an individual. Any assistance from other Skaters will be cause for sanctions of all skaters involved. This will not apply to the push the skater receives from their Team-mate in a Relay race.
  • Kicking out –any skate during any part of a race thereby causing danger including at the finish line or throwing the body across the finish line is forbidden.
  • Abusive language towards the officials/dangerous behavior or actions towards other competitors or misconduct.
  • Skaters will be penalized for part (Yellow card) or the whole of the competition (Red Card). In the case of a Red Card, a description of the incident shall be included in the Chief Referee’s report to be sent to SSC Head Office for further action and distribution to the appropriate committee(s), if warranted.
  • Penalty in a heat will be placed into the lowest final.
  • Penalty in a semi-final will be placed into the lowest eligible final.
  • Penalty in the final, will receive last place points for that final, behind any skaters who did not finish (DNF) the race, but ahead of skaters who did not start (DNS) the race. All disqualified skaters in a final receive last place points.
  • Order of finish – DNF – DQ – DNS.