The Calgary Speed Skating Club encourages all members to participate in competitions, otherwise known as meets. We believe competitions are a fun and educational aspect of speed skating. Competitions allow members to meet and race with skaters from across the province. Meets also allow skaters to put their practice drills to use and apply what they’ve learned to a racing situation.

Meet Types

Speed skating meets can best be divided into four categories: inter-club, provincial, regional, and national. Determining which meets to attend can be a bit overwhelming; however, below are some general guidelines. Remember, if you are interested in competing but are unsure of what meets to attend, your coach is your best resource.

Inter-Club meets are hosted by speed skating clubs around the province and are generally for skaters of all ages and abilities. At InterClub meets, skaters are grouped so that those with similar ability (NOT necessarily similar age) skate together.

Provincial meets are championship meets hosted once a year for short track and long track speed skating. These meets are based upon the categories outlined in Speed Skating Canada’s LTPAD model. These meets are very competitive and offer a great chance to skate with athletes from across the province.

Regional meets are short track and long track competitions held in western Canada and are part of Speed Skating Canada’s national competitions program. Regional meets have a qualification standard attached to them and offer a very high level of competition.

National meets are high level championships meets run under the guidance of Speed Skating Canada. Skaters from across the country compete in various age groups based upon the LTPAD. These meets are very competitive and require specific performance standards for entry. There are National championships for skaters in the L2T (Learn to Train) category and above in long track, and the T2T (Train to Train) and above category in short track.

Age class meets are competitions where the skaters are grouped based on age and gender. The age class is based on the skater’s age as of June 30 prior to the meet.

Ability meets are competitions where skaters are grouped by ability, not age. Ability is based on designated distance (seed) times for that competition. In this type of meet, your skater may be racing against skaters several years younger or older than them.