Edmonton Fall Classic – Final Skater List


Hi Everyone,

The skaters listed below are currently registered for the Edmonton Fall Classic on November 10th-12th, 2017. If you have already registered, please review the list to ensure your name is there. If I am missing anyone, please let me know by 9:00PM on Tuesday, October 31st.

Good Luck to all skaters attending!


Current Edmonton Skaters:

Calum A    Ivy B
Jasmine B    Eric B
Evan B    Caleb C
Andre E    Claire F
Peter F    Cecile F
Sarah F    Annika J
Julian J    Keara J
Callum K    Elliot K
Grier K    Julianne L
Ivy L    Cole M
Sophia M    Paige M
Sophie N    Ayden O
Amelia P    Charlotte P
Nate S    Logan T
Arman V    Alexandra V
Maxine V