Board of Directors Update


Recently, the CSSA board of directors was forced to make the difficult decision to restructure the role of technical director in order to reduce our operating budget, allowing us to keep costs low for our members without impacting the quality of the programs. As a result, effective immediately, we are terminating the current full-time contract of our technical director, Janos Englert, and beginning the search to fill a new part time position.

While we believe this change will ultimately have a positive outcome on the future of CSSA, it was also a very difficult decision to make. All of us on the board are very fond of Janos and believe that his warm, welcoming spirit and passion for coaching will serve as a model for future technical directors. For many skaters, parents, and coaches, Janos represents the proud face of CSSA, enthusiastically promoting the sport to all, and always happy to greet new members. We are grateful for the contributions he has made to the club over the last three years.

If you have any questions about this transition, please feel free to contact the president, Josie Daub ([email protected]). We are committed to serving the CSSA family with honesty and transparency, and we welcome feedback from any of our members.